A smart app for price comparison

"Comp & Save" allows comparison between 2 products of different sizes/units, price and currency from different countries and lets you know which is the better value of the two.

Whenever you shop or whatever you buy, use this app to pick the best deal for yourself. Simply input the item size (Metric or Imperial units), quantity and price (USD, Euro etc) of the products you would like to compare, results will be instant and show you which is the better value of the two.

It is good for all shoppers, and with an easy interface, you can quickly check the right price and save money.

Features Highlights:
  • Comparison based on item size, quantity, and price to see which item has the best value.
  • Compare products with different currency.
  • Compare products that have different units, imperial units vs. metric units (fl oz vs. ml, gal vs. liter, oz vs. g)
  • Item unit support on ml, cc, fl oz, litre, gal, oz, g and kg.